Metroplace Strata

In a strata building with over 700 residents, attached to local retail and a community center, securing this building was not going to be easy. Every door we measured was different and the strata's needs extended beyond just locks. 

This building required metal astragals all around the building to protect from forced entry. The connection on the parking gate needs to be locked off so thieves can not unhook the mechanism and lift the parking gate open. Residential parking pedestrian gate needed to be secured. Lexan glass was required on all the gates to prevent thieves from fishing the door handle. And their front door needed metal bars to cover the gap between the edge of the door and the frame.

The security upgrade requirements were not difficult, however, some of the doors had pre-existing hardware that we believed were not sufficient. Also, this is a very beautiful building and any upgrades we do we had to make sure it kept with the aesthetics.

Our team decided to use stainless steel for all the metal astragals since Stainless is naturally silver in color and it wont corrode overtime like steel would. Stainless will look great when it is installed and it will look great after 20 years. Due to every door being different in measurements, our team measured each door carefully and custom fabricated each astragal to fit each door. This gives it a seamless appearance.

We used Lexan glass to protect the gates so residents can see through the gates and it does not change the appearance of the gates since it is clear. 

In order to protect the parking gate, we added a Mul T Lock Padlock on the opening mechanism to lock it down. Thieves will not be able to unhook the mechanism and simply lift the gate up.

The next step is to secure the important rooms inside the building. The caretakers office consisted of expensive electronics and security system. The buildings main utilities rooms also needed to be secured. We installed Mul-T-Lock deadbolts on all those doors in order to provide the strata with complete key control and upgrade the strength of the door.