Multi-Family Residential Rental Housing

Recently, we had a owner of a rental condo building approach us about multiple security issues in the building. Our tech quickly set up a time to meet with the building caretaker to walk-through the building with him and understand all the different security issues they are having. We provided a all-inclusive solution to their problems and a accurate estimate for the owner to consider.

1. The Caretaker noticed random people, he did not recognize, in the building on several occasions and he does not know how many people have keys to the building. We solved this issue by using a Mul-T-Lock High Security Key. This ensures the owner has complete control on keys. Keys will only be cut with his authorization. At any time, the owner will know how many keys are out and who has these keys.

2. The front door of the building was forced open. They most likely used a large screw driver or pry-bar and forced the locking hardware to break. We upgraded the front door hardware to Heavy Duty Adams-Rite Hardware and added a Full Length 3-Bend Astragal made from Stainless Steel. We choose to use stainless steel even though it was more expensive due to the fact the front door is exposed to elements and stainless steel will not corrode over time. 

From the images below, we can see this building is quite old. However, we can still use modern day heavy duty hardware to secure the building and also keep the aesthetics of the building to a high standard.