Depository Safes

Depository safes are a good idea for businesses and community centers where we need to deposit sums of cash immediately. Many retail stores often use depository safes to avoid leaving large sums of cash in the cash register.

• Class B-Rated insurance rating with 1/2” thick high strength
steel doors
• Combination lock
• 12mm (1/2”) thick door, 6mm (1/4”) thick body
• Front loading designed to fit most large money bags & envelopes
• High strength steel body
• Rough steel plate door & body
• Top loading design, (rotary hopper models) will fit most
large money bags
• Can be equipped with a electronic digital lock, combination
lock, dual key lock, etc.
• Boltwork features three strong steel locking bolts
• Handle designed to break away in a forced entry attack
• Solid steel dead bar to prevent removal of door if hinges are
• 4 anchor bolt holes standard - Hopper & slot are protcted by
“ANTI-FISH” baffles