Solo Dental

A previous customer of ours had come to us to find a solution for the front door of their new dental office (Solo Dental) in the newly raised Solo District. They had gone back and forth with their strata but couldn't find a solution that would fit both their needs. So we rounded up all the examples from our previous installs and handed over multiple quotes with different front door security setups. Thankfully there was an option that both our customer and the strata was happy with.

In the end Solo Dental went with the full length stainless steel astragal and Mul-T-Lock Grade 1 mortise and deadbolt security hardware for both his shop front and the back door.

Another happy customer that has both security and aesthetics! If you're having troubles finding a solution for security upgrades, our technicians will gladly make the trip out to take a look and figure out something that will fit your budget. Feel free to contact us at, or call us at our office @ 604-433-6414