Ever wonder who has keys to your locks? Or how safe the deadbolt you have right now is? Mul-T-Lock High Security products offer Patented Key Profiles to ensure key protection. 

Our Mul-T-Lock Keys can only be duplicated in store by us to ensure no one can make unauthorized copies of your keys. 

Come talk to one of our techs and we will show you how Mul-T-Lock can help protect your home and business!

What does Grade 1 mean? And do I really need it?

A Grade 1 Mul-T-Lock High Security Deadbolt will have:

  • A Patented Key Profile
  • UL437 Enhanced Intrusion Protection - Pick, Drill & Bump Resistance
  • Patented Floating Pin Technology to Enhance Key Control
  • Dimple Cut Keys which cannot be copied on standard key cutting Machines
  • Factory controlled Key Cutting Machines
  • Steel ball bearings that lock into the frame side strike plate
  • Extra long, saw resistant deadbolt anchors your door to the frame
  • Hardened steel inserts resist drilling and other forced attempts.

Deadbolts without these security features are easier to force open and have absolutely no key control!